Friday, 25 January 2013


Being a Made in Chelsea fan, or at least a huge Caggie Dunlop fan (I love her quirky fashion sense and think she is absolutely beautiful!) I was very excited when I heard that she was designing her own collection for her website ISWAI (it stands for It Starts With An Idea). When I saw Caggie wearing the hand harness on Made in Chelsea I knew instantly I had to have it... or at least something similar. I went through multiple hand chains from ASOS all of which I ended up breaking on nights out. The one that Caggie wears in Made in Chelsea is from Urban Outfitters but it has sold out. Possibly available on eBay. However as it's a look she's become quite associated with she designed one for ISWAI. It costs £19.99 and is the sturdiest one I've had so far. I have worn it so much and it's shown no sign of breaking. The only thing I could possibly criticise is that it has tarnished but I think this adds to the look. It is perfect for dressing up and down and is so eye catching. I've had so many people compliment it and ask me where I got it from. Because it's something you don't see very often people's eyes are drawn to it. Overall, a brilliant buy and something I will have in my accessory drawer for many years to come.

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