Sunday, 15 December 2013

Touche Eclat

Touche Éclat is one of these wonderful finds that as soon as you try it for the first time you know will stay in your makeup bag forever. Being a typical student there are many late nights and early mornings in my life and I - like most people - suffer from dark circles under my eyes. I've tried all kinds of concealers: some I've loved, some I've thought were rubbish but I've never found that one that works perfectly. My mum has been using Touche Éclat for years so I always knew it was good but my student budget has never allowed me to purchase. I recently splurged on lots of makeup and Touche Éclat was amongst the bundle. 

It acts as a highlighter and counteracts the darker areas, for example circles under or around the eye. I also like to use it around my nose and underneath my eyebrows just to give them a bit more definition. 

It works almost like a pen, with a button on the end that you click to release the product into the brush at the other end and you can then brush it gently where you need it. I use my fingers to gently pat it in but a small brush works just as well. 

Retailing at roughly £23-25 Touche Éclat is a little more expensive than your average concealer but it does last really well. I'm trying to use it sparingly, only when I want to make a real effort and want my skin to look super flawless, but I really find it hard not to use it everyday as it works brilliantly. 

Overall a really good buy and something every girl should own. 

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